Share Your Story.

An important part of OUR story is Your story.  A Path to JuSTice could not have occurred without your learning, your efforts and your determination.  Now, tell the world what is was like.

  • What is the most important thing you remember about your involvement?  How did it make you feel then?
  • How did you feel when you heard the Court’s decision?  How did it make you feel about justice?; your country; yourself?
  • Did your involvement affect the way you felt about learning/education?  How?
  • Did what you learned and experienced as a result of your involvement affect your post-secondary or career choice(s)?

Feel free to write any other reflections you’d like to share.

Please note that, while our goal is to include as many personal stories and reflections as possible, time restrictions (on the length of the documentary) may mean that we will not be able to include all items.  We will contact each contributor to discuss the possibilities.

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